It is increasingly important for businesses to adapt and find ways to send their customers to¬†information efficiently and contact free. Consumers now browse using their smartphones to learn about a company or product and make buying decisions. Forcing customers to type in complex web URL’s is difficult and clumsy on a smartphone.

Easier alternatives have existed for many years in QR codes and NFC tags, however are only now gaining mass appeal. While QR codes can be a quick and easy contactless solution, there are many advantages to using NFC either in addition or exclusively.

  • NFC tags do not require a QR scanning app or camera to scan, simply tap the NFC tag and that’s it!
  • Tapping an NFC tag is faster then scanning a QR code. QR Codes require time for the camera to focus, depending on the camera and complexity of the QR this can be a frustrating experience.
  • Many older Android models don’t include an app capable of reading QR and require the user to install one on their own.
  • QR Codes require optimal lighting conditions. Extremely bright or dark lighting can make QR codes difficult to use. NFC tags work seamlessly and consistently regardless of light level.
  • NFC tags are more resilient then QR codes. A small scratch or marking on the QR code can inhibit the ability to scan it.
  • QR Codes are ugly and take up valuable marketing space that could be more effectively utilized for branding or other messaging.
  • NFC tags are near impossible to duplicate whereas QR codes are trivial to copy and re-produce. NFC tags shine in comparison to QR anytime a more secure solution is needed. One example of the ease in which QR codes can be exploited.
  • QR codes cannot be changed after printing. Using the Tapcetera system, the cloud backend controls the action taken from either an NFC tap or QR scan so there is never a need to re-install either.
  • NFC tags can be just as easy or even easier to implement than QR codes when used in conjunction with the free Tapcetera mobile app to program the tags.

Please reach out to us if you want to learn more about how NFC tags can help your customers!