Tap into possibilities with Tapcetera

Tapcetera was founded in 2020 by three buddies from Calgary, Alberta.

The business was conceptualized out of frustration with QR codes and their limited security and functionality. We constantly struggled when trying to interact with them on our smartphones, especially Android, and we knew others must be experiencing this as well.

We set out to create something better than typical, boring, ugly QR codes, so we pioneered a hybrid touchless solution combining tappable NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and the scannable QR codes.

Our mission is to provide our forward-thinking customers with dynamic and unique touchless information sharing solutions, and keep to the highest standards of customer service and support.

Tapcetera is an intuitive touchless information solution and cloud software system. It is fast and simple, yet powerful and robust and a perfect fit for all business sizes and types. From auto dealerships to retail stores, small restaurants to resorts, we’ve got your touchless info needs covered. We combine NFC tag  and QR code technologies with interactive media, and powerful cloud-based backend management software and apps, to create touchless access points for customers while collecting valuable usage data to give businesses an edge on the competition.

With a simple tap or scan of a smartphone to a Tapcetera Tag, users are instantly connected to any digital place or experience imaginable. Businesses can share information with their customers, generate leads, and manage that information in seconds from anywhere in the world. Tap into possibilities with Tapcetera.