Is a mobile app required to read a Tag?

No! A camera or Mobile app is not required. NFC Tags can be read and understood by ANY Android or iPhone 10+. This enables anyone to interact with the Tags without the hassle of downloading, installing, or opening any apps at all.

What are NFC tags?

That’s an easy one!

NFC stands for near field communication. It’s a wireless technology which allows for the transfer of data between two NFC enabled devices. Typical NFC devices would be a smartphone or an NFC tag.

An NFC Tag consists of three basic components: a microchip, an antenna and something like plastic to keep it all together. The microchip or NFC chip, is like a tiny hard drive which contains a small amount of memory and the technology to allow it to communicate with NFC devices. The antenna is a very thin coil or loop of wire which is less than 1mm thick, and determines the range at which they can be scanned or read by an NFC device.

NFC Tags come in many forms such as stickers, labels, inlays, discs, wristbands, cards, keyfobs, and more.

What if my menu or files aren’t online?

We’ve got you covered

We know that not everybody has the internet all figured out. Our cloud-based TAG management software allows you to upload files on the fly and create links instantly to add to your TAGS.

*Uploaded files will be available to use for Tag links or within Links Pages. Maximum allowed size 2mb per file.  Smaller files are preferred so they will load faster over mobile connections. Valid file extensions (.png .jpg .jpeg .svg .pdf .css .vcf). Maximum allowed storage depends on your plan.

Can I change the URL links? Do I have to pay more?

Embrace change

Tapcetera Tags are rewritable from anywhere at anytime by you or us at no additional charge. Simply tap a tag using our mobile app, or login to your TAPCT account and make any changes you need from anywhere on Earth!

Need help changing links? We’re happy to help! Email us at and we’ll take care of it.

What if I want to share more than one URL or link?

Options are nice!

Tapcetera Tags offer you power and flexibility. When tapped or scanned, customers are directed to:

A single link

Like a menu or video.

Multiple links

Like products, menus, specials, social media, review sites, and more. Link to up to 20 URLs through our simple customizable links page.

Time based links

Load different content at different times automatically.

Language based links

Load content in different languages automatically with any tap. Our software detects a phone’s native language setting and loads your content in that language!

How do Tapcetera Tags work?


Our TAGS are an NFC/QR hybrid. When tapped or scanned, end users are directed to the link/s written within the TAG.

If you have an iPhone 10 or newer, or any Android device, simply unlock your phone tap the TAG to interact.

With older iPhones, open the QR code app of your choice to read the QR.