Welcome to the future of interactive marketing!

Tapcetera Media Cards combine the power of NFC (Near Field Communication) tags and QR codes to revolutionize how you share information, engage your audience, and gain valuable insights. Whether you’re a business looking to leave a lasting impression or an individual aiming to make your cards unforgettable, Tapcetera has you covered.


Unleash the Potential of Media Cards

Digital Integration – Bringing Digital and Physical Worlds Together

Imagine handing out a business card that not only shares your contact details but also leads your audience to a dynamic, customizable web experience. Our Media Cards seamlessly blend physical and digital interactions, giving you the power to create a unique experience for each recipient. By utilizing both NFC technology and QR codes, you ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices and user preferences.


Automatically detect and display content in your recipient’s preferred language!


Harness actionable insights from user interactions to refine your marketing strategies!


Reach users across ALL devices, from smartphones to tablets and more.

Ready to Elevate Your Marketing and Stand Out?

Why Tapcetera NFC Cards Trump Traditional Business Cards?

Our NFC-powered Media Cards offer a host of advantages over traditional business cards:

Interactive Engagement:

Stand out from the crowd by offering a dynamic, interactive experience that goes beyond static information.

Rich Vibrant Content:

Share videos, product demos, and more with your audience, providing a deeper understanding of your offerings.

Real-Time Updates:

Easily update your card’s information and content on-the-fly without the need for reprints.

Data-Driven Insights:

Gain valuable insights into user behaviors and preferences, enabling smarter marketing decisions.


Utilize this opportunity to live greener and reduce your environmental footprint with paperless interactions that align with modern sustainability goals.

The Technology Behind Tapcetera Media Cards –
Innovation that Drives Results

What’s Included?

  • We handle everything (digital and physical) from start to finished product
  • Re-usable Interactive Media Cards, custom designed and printed. NFC tag / QR hybrid for easy interaction with any smartphone
  • Custom multi-links pages as simple or elaborate as you need them to be – Share exactly what you want to share
  • Lead Generation and Networking Boost – Point visitors to your contact info, and be remembered.
  • 24/7 access to our cloud-based Tapcetera software (tapct.com) to manage and modify your digital content in seconds from anywhere
  • Fully Managed service included. Prompt and reliable. Need changes, simply email us
  • Valuable usage data and reporting features
  • Unlimited user accounts with various permission levels – Built for individuals and teams
  • Prompt and consistently extraordinary customer service and technical support


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Get ahead of the curve and serve your customers the best way possible!
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